Flutter engineer since 2017

Hi, my name is Mikhail Matiunin, aka Plague Fox, a male born July 29, 1990.
Im Dart & Flutter Engineer, Team Lead, Full-Stack, and T-shaped person.
I love programming, gadgets, and motorcycle traveling.
My faith is transhumanism, and I am against human suffering and wars.
I believe that technology can make people better.
Without bad habits, not married, have no children.
I dream of a small workshop wherein I will work on my projects in my old age, gradually falling into dementia.


儭 Contacts

儭 Development

The accumulated experience allows quick learning for almost any new task, environment, operating system, or language.
Familiar with the technical processes of production, the basics of a warehouse, management, and accounting.
I know how to estimate deadlines for completing a task and releasing a feature. Able to lead a team and delegate tasks.
Advanced user of *NIX systems.
I know the paradigms of OOP and reactive programming.
Understand SOLID principles.
Pretty strong in SQL (specifically the SQLite RDBMS).
Caching, client-server communication, REST, WebSocket, gRPC, and GraphQL.
Serverless and no-code solutions like Firebase and Hasura.
Building architecture and data binding with Pub/Sub and Observable patterns.
I know how to set up CI/CD pipelines, build containers and images (Gitlab & Github), and auto-deploy with Fastlane.
I create a tiny Alpine image for Flutter (hub.docker.com/r/plugfox/flutter)

Dart & Flutter

I have been interested in Dart and Flutter since 2017, and Im really into it.
In addition to Flutter, I released MVP on AngularDart and wrote several backend services and microservices (FaaS) on dart.
There are a couple of libraries in the dart pub and open source.
Adaptive flutter layout for various device sizes.
I can do localization, theming, and settings for the applications.
Deep understanding of asynchronous and concurrency (Event Loops, Isolates, Web/Service workers).
Know how to use multiple Flutter Engines (e.g., Android Foreground Service with Dart).
Like streams and use it for classes like StreamTransformer and StreamIterator.
Understanding the concept of everything is a widget composition, how the flutter framework works, using dev tools, and the key optimization points.
I am able to build a complete cross-platform between io (mobile/desktop) and HTML (browser) environments.
Fluent in the BLoC pattern (contributor).
Fully adhere to the flutter code style and prefer strong static typing.
Can use code generation and development automation.
I am able to use interop with JS to integrate with web libraries.
Can use Kotlin at a level sufficient for interaction through method channels (pigeon).
Can collect analytics using Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, and Sentry.

潃 Public speaking activities

  • Flutter Voronezh Meetup | Debate: Is GetX good or not?
  • Flutter Dev Podcast #33 Flutter Roadmap 2022
  • [Live coding] Business Logic Components (BLoC)
  • Pigeon
  • Dart UP 2021
  • Flutter Dev Podcast #32 苳邽郇訄邾
  • Flutter Dev Podcast #31 苤郈郋郋訇 訄郇迮郇邽 迡訄郇郇
  • Flutter Dev Podcast #20 Flutter for Web
  • Widget, BuildContext, State, Key
  • SQLite
  • Iterable , Stream 邽 sync*/async* generators
  • Event loop and Isolate
  • Business Logic Components (BLoC)

歹 Some contributions to open-source

Expected working conditions

Interested in further development in IT, Flutter, cross-platform, and full-stack development.
Ready for relocation, flexible work schedule, and remote work.
I want to work with my brother (must-have), who is also a flutter developer, and experienced with TS, C#, and SQL.
Possibility of showing initiative and influence on the final result.
Attending meetups, the opportunity to contribute to the open-source and Flutter community.
Not interested in working for enforcement agencies, dictators, and companies that contradict transhumanism or harm people.


  • Russian (Native)
  • English (Professional working)