🦊 About me

Flutter engineer since 2017

Hello, my name is Michael Matiunin. I was born on July 29, 1990. I am a versatile software engineer with expertise in Dart and Flutter and experience leading teams and working on full-stack projects. My passions include programming, cutting-edge gadgets, and motorcycle adventures.

As a firm believer in transhumanism, I envision a future where technology alleviates human suffering and fosters a more harmonious world. I maintain a healthy lifestyle, free of bad habits, and am currently unmarried without children. In the long term, I aspire to contribute to innovative projects and initiatives that push the boundaries of technology, making a lasting impact on society and the world at large.


☎️ Contacts

βš™οΈ Development

My extensive experience enables me to rapidly adapt to new tasks, environments, operating systems, or programming languages. I am well-versed in technical production processes, warehouse fundamentals, management, and accounting. Proficient in estimating project timelines and managing feature releases, I excel at leading teams and delegating tasks effectively.

As an advanced user of *NIX systems, I am knowledgeable in object-oriented programming (OOP), reactive programming paradigms, and SOLID principles. I possess strong expertise in SQL, including familiarity with various relational database management systems such as Postgres, SQLite, and MS SQL, among others. I have experience with caching, client-server communication, REST, WebSocket, gRPC, and GraphQL, as well as serverless and no-code solutions such as Firebase and Hasura.

Skilled in building architecture and data binding, I utilize Pub/Sub and Observable patterns. I am adept at setting up CI/CD pipelines (e.g. GitLab, GitHub), building containers and images, and automating deployment with Fastlane. Additionally, I have developed a lightweight Alpine image for Flutter.

πŸ•Š Dart & Flutter

Since 2017, I have been deeply immersed in Dart and Flutter, extending my expertise beyond Flutter by releasing an MVP on AngularDart and developing several backend services and microservices (e.g. FaaS) in Dart. My contributions to the Dart ecosystem include multiple libraries published on Dart Pub and open-source projects.

My proficiency in Flutter encompasses adaptive layouts for various device sizes, localization, theming, and application settings. I deeply understand asynchronous programming and concurrency, including concepts such as Event Loops, Isolates, and Web/Service workers. My experience with multiple Flutter Engines enables me to integrate Android Foreground Services with Dart effectively.

I am well-versed in reactive programming, utilizing classes like StreamTransformer and StreamIterator, and I fully grasp the "everything is a widget" composition concept. My knowledge of the Flutter framework, development tools, and optimization techniques allows me to build comprehensive cross-platform solutions for both mobile/desktop/browser environments.

As a fluent practitioner of the BLoC pattern and contributor to its development, I adhere to Flutter's coding style and prefer strong static typing. My skills include code generation, development automation, and JS interop for integrating with web libraries. I am proficient in Kotlin for interaction through method channels (pigeon) and can collect analytics using tools such as Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, Performance Monitor and Sentry.

⭐ Public speaking activities

  • Flutter Voronezh Meetup | Debate: Is GetX good or not?
  • Flutter Dev Podcast #33 Flutter Roadmap 2022
  • [Live coding] Business Logic Components (BLoC)
  • Pigeon
  • Dart UP 2021
  • Flutter Dev Podcast #32 Π€ΠΈΠ½Π°ΠΌ
  • Flutter Dev Podcast #31 Бпособы хранСния Π΄Π°Π½Π½Ρ‹Ρ…
  • Flutter Dev Podcast #20 Flutter for Web
  • Widget, BuildContext, State, Key
  • SQLite
  • Iterable , Stream ΠΈ sync*/async* generators
  • Event loop and Isolate
  • Business Logic Components (BLoC)

❀️ Some contributions to open-source

πŸŽ‰ Expected working conditions

I am eager to continue advancing my IT career, focusing on Flutter, cross-platform, and full-stack development. I am open to relocation, flexible work schedules, and remote work opportunities. A key requirement for me is the opportunity to work alongside my brother, a fellow Flutter developer with experience in TypeScript, C#, and SQL.

I value the chance to demonstrate initiative and influence the outcome of projects. I am enthusiastic about attending meetups, contributing to open-source projects, and actively participating in the Flutter community. Please note that I am not interested in working for enforcement agencies, dictators, or companies that contradict transhumanist values or cause harm to people.

πŸ‘… Languages

  • Russian (Native)
  • English (Professional working)

πŸ’Ό Experience

Plague Fox

Engineer by day, fox by night. Talks about Flutter & Dart.

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