Have you had a situation where you must select and rebuild the interface only to change specific fields of your ChangeNotifier?
Not convenient to use AnimatedBuilder with ChangeNotifier instead of ValueListenableBuilder?

Of course, I had to. So I made a simple extension that converts ChangeNotifier to ValueListenable and has filtering capabilities.

And transformation pipeline looks like this:

ChangeNotifier ==[select & filter]==> ValueListenable<Value>

For example, you can transform your AppModel and rebuild some parts of widgets when localization is changed and only when the language code has changed:

  valueListenable: appModel.select<Locale>(
    (cn) => cn.locale,
    (prev, next) => prev.languageCode != next.languageCode
  builder: (context, locale, child) => Text(locale),

Complete code of my extension: