Discussing major Flutter updates is a kind of tradition for our podcast. We usually record such episodes with a delay: 3.7 was released at the end of January. But we do this not because we can't agree on a recording time or sit down to plan an episode for a long time. We really want to not just read aloud the article "What's new in Flutter" but dig much deeper.

Digging this time, we discovered a very cool but extremely controversial update. Just think about it: 19 new widgets, long-awaited background isolates, a preview of a fundamentally new graphics engine, expanded and enhanced support for custom shaders, a whole bunch of improvements for DevTools, and much more! So many amazing updates that... we still couldn't send them to production. Why? We'll tell you as soon as you press "play".

At the microphone: Evgeny Saturrov (Surf), Mark Abramenco (Surf), Mikhail Matyunin (Fox), Igor Kravchenko (aso.dev founder).


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